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More Representation of People with Disabilities is Needed in America

More Representation of People with Disabilities is Needed in America

Alex Gray, who went blind at age 10 and is currently running in 2021 to become Boston’s first-ever blind City Councilor, recently wrote an opinion piece in the Jamaica Plain News.  He believes America should start with these three steps to help promote stories and experiences of people with disabilities.

“First, the disability community should play a far greater role in shaping the stories we tell on screen…It is unacceptable that only approximately one-half of one percent of disabled characters are portrayed by actors with the lived experience of having a disability.”

“Second, the presence of people with disabilities in our workfoce and the discussion of our experiences within organizational culture is seriously lacking and needs to increase…we must find more ways to hire people with disabilities and include discussions of the disability community within the culture of organizations.”

“Third, the disability community is drastically underrepresented within elected office in America and because of this we risk our stories going untold in the halls of government…Our government needs to, and will only become stronger, if it includes the voices and stories of the disability community…”

To read the article in its entirety, please visit the Jamaica Plain News page.

*Photo Credit: Jamaica Plain News (picture of Alex Gray)

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