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The Jazzy Select 6 incorporates sporty design and performance features for a truly unique ride experience. Pride’s patented Active-Trac Suspension combined with six wheels on the ground and an innovative articulating beam allow for superior performance indoors and out, with added stability over uneven terrain and ramp transitions.

The Q700 M Mid-Wheel Drive base sets the bar for powered wheelchair technology, inside and out. Travel further with its superior drive performance. Feel secure over challenging terrain with SpiderTrac 2.0 suspension and its independent movement of all 6 wheels. It’s a driving experience like never before.

Super Hevay Duty Power Wheelchair with a stylish design. Four seat posts provide more stability and durability of the frame. Extra-wide seat and extra-high back provide great comfort for obese users. Super high power in-line motors help riders negotiate 10° uphill ramps easily.

The QUICKIE Q500 M base balances superb indoor maneuverability with outstanding performance. Its powerful motors combined with all-wheel suspension and QUICKIE’s smooth ride, will ensure you have the most comfortable and safe driving experience. The mid-wheel drive base has outstanding indoor performance. Its smallest turning radius provides great maneuverability.

The Q6 Edge 3 StrettoTM features a narrow width for outstanding maneuverability and is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), making it ideal for children, teenagers and small adults. The Stretto is available with 12.5” or 14” drive wheels and optional 12” of iLevel® power adjustable seat height.

The P326A Vision Sport power wheelchair is designed for comfort.  This mid-wheel drive design provides outstanding maneuverability in tight, compact spaces.  Its patented articulation mechanism allows front wheels climbing up the step/threshold easily.  This chair’s low center of gravity provides a smooth and stable ride both indoors and outdoors.