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New NASA Research Could Help Those Who are Wheelchair-Bound

New NASA Research Could Help Those Who are Wheelchair-Bound

A brand new $750,000 NASA-funded program is researching how the lack of gravity up in space poses issues to astronauts who lose bone and muscle mass. This new research is designed to help astronauts, but also help everyday people here on earth. Dr. Meghan Mcgee-Lawrence, of Augusta, Georgia, is spear heading this research. “What we want to know is, how does bone know that it’s being mechanically loaded? And can we then alter those processes to either prevent disuse induced bone loss or to make the bone respond better to exercise,” Mcgee-Lawrence said. This research could also help people who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound. “So even somebody with a spinal cord injury, even though they may not be using their legs, they still move around. And you can develop a bone fracture even if you’re not walking around or using those bones. You can get it from a contact injury, it could be a fall injury,” Mcgee-Lawrence explained.

You can learn more about this exciting research from WRDW/WAGT.

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