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Troubles with Kids’ Remote Schooling

Troubles with Kids’ Remote Schooling

Parents with disabilities are struggling with communicating with their kids’ teachers and administrators while their child is remote schooling. According to Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), The Americans with Disabilities Act requires schools to not only help students, but their parents with disabilities too. The example Kristin Gourlay gives in her report, is parents who are deaf. If parents are deaf, they are having trouble communicating with their teachers who do not use sign language. Schools are in need of finding extra support for students who have parents with special needs. This issue has always been a problem for schools, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given light to the issue even more. Robyn Powell, co-investigator with the National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities at Brandeis University, said, “This pandemic has really, I think, exposed longstanding inequities that have always existed, but really the pandemic has brought them to life. And it’s also shown us what we don’t know.” Our hope is that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will recognize these issues and help school districts in correcting them. You can read the full report on this issue clicking here.

*Photo Credit: Georgia Public Broadcasting

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